Know the Story

Every tear has a story. Some tears are shed in sadness, repentance, anger or joy.
Yet, some tears fall because of standing in the awesome presence of God.
Overwhelmed by his grace, mercy and amazing love, the saturation of his spirit in
our hearts is expressed in uncontainable tears.
No matter the reason, tears are cleansing for the soul.
Before making assumptions or judgements, know the story.

Gems and Jewels

Gems all around; diamonds, sapphires, rubies and pearls. Do you handle them with care or treat them commonly because they’ve been scattered about for so long? Would you flush a diamond down the toilet? Throw emeralds and garnets out the window?

Ah, but those garnets, not the typical red. Rich mahogany, spicy like cinnamon with a hint of honey when the light catches them just so, are uncommon.

The girl with garnet eyes stands before you. While eyes are on her, her gaze is fixed only on you. Eyes that close in prayer, fighting for you. Eyes that cry in the night, wiping away tears at dawn with hope and faith. Her love for you isn’t past tense; it is present and it is future. Will you recognize and cherish the jewel in your hand or let it slip away?


Looking into your eyes is enough

Holding your hand is enough

Laughing with you until I cry or being with you in complete silence is enough

Knowing that you love me and you’ll always be there is enough

We’re complete people in our own right, but interlocking halves of the same soul, and that’s enough

That’s all I need